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Looking for the best English language test for healthcare professionals?

The match between the test content and your knowledge increases confidence on test day.  For example, the OET speaking test is face-to-face, just you and the tester in the room, an it’s based on a healthcare consultation with a patient.  See what other healthcare professionals have to say about OET below.

“When I passed the OET exam, it really changed my professional life. It opened many opportunities for me. Not only that I can earn more money but also I can get to experience nursing in different cultures and thus help me widen my horizon.” Roseanne Claire Utleg, Nurse

“It had a big impact on me and my family. It helped boost my self-esteem. In my case, I was able to submit my application for registration as a Nurse. Moreover, if I will apply for a Permanent Resident Visa, the B in all areas will gain additional points to my application.” Minviluz Chua, Nurse

“I am always in awe until today, everytime I will share my OET experience. From my registration online down until I received my result certificate, it was a smooth and pleasant experience. Passing OET changed everything especially in my career life. Obtaining my degree from a non English country had always been a hindrance to stop me from working abroad, which I have always dreamt of.  Now that I have aced my OET, I am confident that I am qualified to practice my profession abroad.” Joana Marie P. Alvarez, Nurse

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OET is recognised and trusted by the Australian Department of Immigration, nursing boards, councils, and educators in Australia and New Zealand.

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